Caribbean Pot

Cariibbean Pot Season 1


Ep 8 - Caribbean Pot

Society| 14 min

Hungry in a hurry - try todays fast and delicious meals for times when you have to eat and run. Easy Fast and oh so tasty. Curry Salmon, Crispy Asparagus and a fresh Mango Salad.


Ep 7 - Caribbean Pot

Society| 27 min

Indulge in delicious fat friday - Join Chris as he prepares Spicy Caribbean Style Chicken Fingers, with Mango Honey Garlic BBQ Dipping Sauce - with a side of spicy parmesan fries.


Ep 6 - Caribbean Pot

Society| 29 min

Wind down the summer and get ready for the fall season as Chris shows off his special roasted tomato coconut soup. Followed by a tamarind BBQ Sauce on Tamarind Grilled Chicken. A feast not to be missed!


Ep 5 - Caribbean Pot Endless Summer

Society| 24 min

This week see what Chris is plucking from his backyard. Experience the art of making homemade green seasoning. Crispy fried plantains and learn how to stretch left over beef in curry with chick peas and potatoes.


Ep 4 - Caribbean Pot

Society| 21 min

Start your weekend right with Chris De La Rosa this weekend. This week’s episode features some savory favorites such as curry oxtail, infamous must have pepper choka and seared pan fried chicken breast. Delicious.

Ep 3 - Caribbean Pot

Society| 17 min

This week on Caribbean Pot we learn how to make simple Oven Jerk Snapper, Chicken Foot Souse (yes chicken foot!) and a Simple Sofrito recipe that you can freeze and store and use anytime! Come and join Chris as he takes through an array of Caribbean ...


Ep 2 - Caribbean Pot

Society| 21 min

How To Make Haitian Pikliz (Picklese). Grilled Sea Bass Stuffed With Jamaican Callaloo Vegetarian Sir Fry Bodi (yard beans) With Cashews.


Ep 1 - Caribbean Pot

Society| 20 min

Summer Salad & 5 Spice Chicken on the Grill Welcome to and no, there’s NO reference to “pot” the feel-good bush. This is all about food and the culinary culture of the Caribbean. Although my roots are in Trinidad and Tobago and part ...