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Ep.2 - Freedom, The Healing Process of a Nation Part 1



Peace2 - See What's Coming Up

Peace2| 14 min


Ep 8 Peace2 - Finale

Peace2| 37 min

It’s our grand finale! Follow Dr. Guldal as she shares never before seen footage and personal insights as she delves deeper into the journey of creating Peace2. Executive Producer: Dianne Bissoon


Ep 7 - Exploring Spiritual Diversity

Peace2| 47 min


Ep 6. Tea with Channel Extraordinaire: Paul Selig

Peace2| 38 min

Host Dr. Guldal sits down for tea with her good friend and colleague, Paul Selig. A Channel Extraordinaire - Paul is an award winning author of channeled texts. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Dianne Bissoon


Ep. 5 - Sound, Music and Magic

Peace2| 28 min

Host of Peace2, Dr. Guldal Caba gives viewers a Sneak Preview on what’s coming up for the second half of the first season. Journey with her as she shares some delicious bits from Sound Music Frequency to the Grand Finale. Executive Producer: Dianne ...


Ep 4 - My Student My Teacher

Peace2| 37 min

In this week’s episode we take a look at Host Dr. Guldal as both a teacher and a student. She discusses the calling of their soul and their personal journeys. Dr. David Brownstein is one of her teachers, and he’s credited with saving Dr. Guldal’s life. ...


Ep 3 - Freedom, The Healing Process of a Nation Part 2

Peace2| 32 min

The conclusion of a 2 part series titled: Freedom - The Healing Process of a Nation. As Host Dr. Guldal wraps up her passage through South Africa, she starts at the beginning by visiting the Satyagraha House. It was the home of “the great souled one”- ...

Peace2 Season 1 Trailer

Peace2| 1 min